Integrated Mode Playback always stops at 9-10 second

The device is:
Douk Audio U2 XMOS XU208 USB to Coaxial/Optical Converter Digital Interface Audio Adapter DSD


If you disable the Music Integrated mode and drag and drop tracks in the play queue of Audirvāna like this, does it works?


No issue with the way you mentioned.
The condition seems like, happens when it’s integrated mode and first using the device (like unlock to lock in non-integrated mode).

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Are you using a Intel or Apple Silicon Mac?

It’s M2 mac mini. the issue started recently, but no changes/installation made. This is pretty much dedicated for audio usage only.
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In Addition, forward button skips the next song and goes to the song after.
It was not like this when installed.
Is there anyway to kind of clear all cache, or reset to factory default?

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To reset Audirvāna Origin, open the Terminal application, and enter the following command:

defaults delete com.audirvana.Audirvana-Origin

Thanks for the information, I tried reset but no luck.

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Getting even worse. Now it stops and releases audio device around 10 sec.
Also forward button skips next song and goes to the song after.
This forward button issue happens even other audio device selected like built in macmini speakers.

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