Integration between Qobuz and TIDAL

Hi folks,

It would be great if, in the following updates, we had greater integration between both streaming services (Qobuz and TIDAL). Currently, we have to browse either one or the other to look for different versions of the albums. I would like to click on an album and easily have the option to see all versions available on the platforms (Qobuz, TIDAL and local), as it is very well implemented in Roon.

Today, locating all the existing versions and masters in the services is a very complex task to choose the best one to be part of the library.

I am sure this would be a massive upgrade to the AS experience!

Another thing, also related to integration: Why don’t local albums automatically appear in the “My Music” > “Albums” tab?

Kind regards,
Bernardo Cândido

My Music is a bit confusing in terms of name. Those are your favorites.

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That’s the point, why not merge albums from different platforms/versions and show only one cover?

I prefer to see both. I link the highest resolution available in both Tidal and Qobuz. Then, I simply click on the one I want to listen to. I do the same thing in Roon.

Hello @bernardo,

We choose to do that this way but it can change in the future. Having two streaming service connected at the same time in Studio is not the majority of our users but we can think of ways to merge favorites in one album. This is a question we asked ourselves during the making of Studio but it can change in the future.