Internet down... Can't login

@Damien @Antoine

I see a big issue here. My internet was down yesterday and therefore, could not login to either Studio or Origin.

Last night I was music bereft.

This means, whichever choice I make I may be wasting money.

3.5 has a licence key and does not depend on the internet.

I don’t know if you already paid for Origin or you are still on demo version, but i thought that paid Origin would come with a license number like 3.5 version ??

And try to change your thread title…

Thanks @RunHomeSlow. Bloody mobile phone/public transport typing.

I hope you are right. I’m running both at the moment (Origin on trial) and annoyingly both seem to want a login. It may be my end not Audirvana.

Still, I also think Studio should be do-able without internet. And the whole moving to another machine farrago is a bit silly in this-day-and-age.

3.5 ran seemlessly as did Studio most of the time. But these programs really do need to be very easily useable… license key with a two machine limit maybe; or [email protected] $50 for two uses.

Whatever, musically I’m sold. Origin it will be for a non-Streamer like me


Hello @philipjohnson,

Even if you are not connected, you should be able to use Audirvāna Studio/Origin. If it’s not the case then there is an issue on your device with the login process.

You then need to disconnect and then reconnect your account. To do this you need to go to Audirvāna Studio settings, My Account section. After doing this make sure Audirvāna Studio/Origin are starting properly without asking you for login.

After doing this, please make a test by closing Audirvāna Studio/Origin and then disconnecting your computer from Internet. Do you get the login window when you start Audirvāna Studio/Origin ?