Internet playback radio stops after some time

Hi Damien,

Just evaluating the Audirvana Studio trial (owing a Audirvana 3.5 license for 4 years now).
A very nice upgrade, Top! Congrats! Well done!
There’s however one issue I’m currently unable to overcome: whenever I start the (indefinite length) internet-audio-stream from the German internet-radio-station Antenne Bayern Chillout it initiates the radio-stream correctly. Afterwards the stream is successfully played via my Naim NDX2 streamer as a uPnP WAV-file. But, unfortunately on the NDX2 it is shown as a file with a fixed time duration of 2h:15m:15s. After this period playback stops. It can be restarted manually via the Audirvana remote-app, which initiates another sequence of only 2h:15m:15s. I’m running Audirvana Studio on a MacMini 2014 with 16GB Ram in exclusive mode. Changing the buffer to f.i. 4 GB doesn’t make any difference. I’ve included a screenprint of the NDX2 screen.
How to increase the continuous playback timing ? Kind regards,

Hi Mike,
Quite interesting! A friend of mine just got a similar issue with his Pearl Ahoy from Cabasse: playing stops after roughly 2 mn and can be restarted from the App.
Is your NDX2 player connected on wifi or do you use an ethernet cable?

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The MacMini is connected to a WiFi-access-point-router-modem, to which device also the NDX2 streamer is connected via LAN-ethernet. Just a random guess, but maybe it’s related to a kind of maximum length/buffer the NDX2 assumes, when it’s receiving ‘indefinite’ file-lengths?

Maybe you could try to connect the MacMini to an ethernet cable, just to see if that works better. On my side, I encountered similar problems and discovered I switched inadvertently to Wifi.
Regarding the buffer on the NDX2 side, whatever its real size, it should never be empty until the end of the track.
I’m interested in your case as my friend experienced a very similar thing but with a PC on Windows and I’m trying to figure out what really happen in those situations (Loss of connection, bug in the protocol, …)

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thx. … just gave it a go … but without succes: each restart of whatever bitrate and speed radio-station I choose, results again in 2h:15m:15s play-time. Curious!

Yes, curious!
It’s just as if the NDX2 Never asks for more data and simply empty the buffer.
Just another idea that sometimes solve the issues I have with my Marantz NA11-S1: maybe you could try to perform a hard reset of the NDX2 by unplugging the device from the power source, wait for 10 sec, and plug it again.
You also could try to reboot your MAC in parallel.


hi @Damien2 , @Antoine,
would you please be so kind to give a bit of attention to my request? oOn the Naim-community-forum I’ve found that I’m not the only one with issues related to Audirvana and Naim NDX2-streamer. TIA

Hi @Mike12,

How does it works with your device when you are playing an album? Does it goes from a track to another smoothly?

Yes, no issues at all when playing Qobuz tracks, Qobuz albums or Qobuz playlists.
The time-period issue only occurs when playing Audirvana Studio originated Internet-radio stations (which, I assume. don’t push additional info on track-length and/or playlist-length towards the NDX2-streamer).

So no issue when you play those using Qobuz in Audirvāna Studio?

No, streaming Qobuz music works OK!
The issue is related to Internet radio, which stops without user intervention after 2h15m15s, see previous screenprints. Looking forward to find a solution, TIA

Can you go in the Audirvāna settings and in the My account section? You will see a button ‘Start Log Session’, click on it and then reproduce your issue. After you reproduced it, click on ‘Stop Log Session’ and then send me the log file you can find by clicking on the button ‘Open Log Folder’ at