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Hello, Audirvana is perfect for manage and play local media or Tidal. In future please add option to play radio or URL. I love it because bring in to Windows platform support for MQA ,upsample DSD,manage stream services. Acceptable price. Is it better than ROON,Amarra Luxe, HQPlayer.

Yes please Damien it would be wonderfull to be able to stream internet radio with Audirvana?

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Same need for me. It is a big disappointment that the Radio France URLs cannot be plaied with Audirvana.

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Hello @jimbou,

Thank you for your suggestion, we can’t tell you more about it but this feature have been request by a lot of users so we can’t ignore this feature :wink:


Hi Damien,

Just evaluating Audirvana: great piece of software, but, correct me if I’m wrong, I’m afraid it’s lacking a decent internet radio solution. When do you expect this feature to be added to a future update of Audirvana? Today Roon 1.7 has it also included in its offering/functionalities.


Hello @Mike12,

I moved this thread to the proper category so you can vote for the implementation of this feature in a future update of Audirvana :slight_smile:


Thx. Please provide a link or a category name; not easy to find apparently …

I’m currently evaluating Audirvana. I’v been using iTunes so far (running on a headless Mac Mini), and I’m hoping Audirvana is going to sound better.

I have a somewhat important question for me. I’m using the “music server” for two things: playing music but also listening to radio. iTunes supports this nicely: I put a few radio stations in a playlist and voila. I have setup Audirvana to sync with iTunes, and even though the playlist itself shows up in Audirvana as I would expect, its contents is empty. I would expect Audirvana to support playing Internet audio streams like this as well. I don’t see myself (and more importantly the rest of my family) switching back and forth between two different apps… Thanks for your consideration!


I’m looking at different options for hi res audio streaming and love the features of audirvana, but at the moment the main thing that’s stopping me pulling the trigger is that it doesn’t support internet radio. There are plenty of hi res radio stations now; when are you going to start supporting internet radio?

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Please could we have access to internet radio stations via your wonderful product??
Here in the UK the BBC streams 320kb/s services which would be lovely to be able to play without the computer getting in the way!!


Hi Audirvana,

With Devialet shifting to DOS2 you seem to be one of the best solutions going forward - a really good fit for their Phantom Premier line of speakers. You provide two things that a lot of Phantom users really want:

  • Room correction (by allowing add-ins)
    - Internet Radio

Internet Radio was present in the old devialet OS and app - and is the single thing that is really missed from this. If you can provide a nice Internet Radio experience - I think you’ll get a line of Phantom users adopting Audirvana.



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Yes please I also am a great user of internet radio, please add internet radio; tunein is great !

My vote is in for am Internet radio feature!

Another request for internet radio. Very annoying swapping to vlc

Hi Damien,

Audirvana seems great. I’ve decided to test it on my Mac book instead of my Mac mini.

As previously asked by others, Streaming of WebRadios would really be very interesting for users.

Thanks in advance

I’m your long-time user, internet radio is the only thing i’m truly missing - please consider it for future releases