iPad A+ Remote/Audirvana Win10 Lost Connection Issue

I am using iPad2 as remote to Audirvana 3.5.1 Win10 (both via same WiFi hotspot), but the connection will lose very often when the A+ remote stays inactive for 10-30 mins. Once the connection is lost, 90% of the time the connection can not be re-established unless I exit and restart Audirvana Win10 again (didn’t reset WiFi router). In the past 90 mins., I have been trying to keep the connection alive by browsing between the Albums view and Tracks view in every 10 mins (seems A+ is loading the info for display), and there is no lost connection. Please check and advise if there is an software communication issue with PC.

With the iPad Remote connection drop issue, I have tried to disable the Auto Lock of the iPad Display & Brightness setting (set Auto Lock to Never) so the iPad screen never goes off (not going into sleep mode??) and the Remote has been working for 3 hrs without a connection drop. Maybe a temporary workaround until the Audirvana comes up with a permanent fix. Cheers.