Is it any better?

I bought a lifetime Original 3.5 version about 4/5 years ago. It runs with never a problem on my Intel i5 NUC and is my main music source, using my 800+ Flac files that I ripped to the My Music library (SSD). Now I am thinking a with the intervening years, is the newer Studio version better sounding? I am not bothered about all the new bells and whistles, its the actual sound that is much more important. I have a decent system comprising of the NUC front end, silver USB to a Matrix Audio SPDIF, PS Audio SGCD and M700 power amps, newish Amphion 7LS speakers.

Your guess is better than mine.

Origin or Studio are free to test before buying… they will not touch your 3.5 installation.


@RunHomeSlow is correct.

Take out a free trial subscription.
Only YOU are able to determine whether Studio sounds better than 3.5 :+1: