Is it possible to have different Replay Gains under the same album?

Hi there, just curious about the title question. For example, when it comes to one of the most famous albums ever - Sgt. Pepper - I have 2 stereo mixes, a mono mix, and a remix that all come from different sources and remasters. However, under one album the replay gain for them all is the same when each version of the album should be different.

I’ve noticed you can individually re-assess the replay gain for each song, which seems to help but when I hit play at the bottom it shows the same replay gain as the rest of the album despite the fact that the song’s “info” will show a different number.

So yeah, am I doing this right? Am I shooting for the moon? Any help would be much appreciated!

Hello @sonofodin25,

What is the setting you have in Volume leveling for replay gain? Are you using “Preserve album dynamics” or “All tracks equal loudness”?