Is MQA supported on Windows 10?

Hi I just to clarify if MQA is supported with the Windows 10 version? The led on my dac shows the correct color for MQA when I’m using the tidal app, however when I’m playing MQA on Audirvana’s trial version I’m not getting the correct led color which means I’m not getting the correct frequency. I just want to make sure that it’s fully supported with the Windows version before I buy it. Thanks.

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I am using AUdievana to play MQA via Tidal masters without problem. It will only decode the first unfold to 24bit 96 the second unforl has to be done by the DAC. An alternative if your dac is not MQA compatible is to use AUdirvana to upscale to 192. I have used this method with my favorite Chord dacs and it works and sounds very good! Hope this helps

How can I upscale to 192 khz via Audirvana. I don’t find a way do to that in the settings. Thanks

Is your DAC MQA compatible? The Tidal app only outputs 24 bit 96 so if your DAC is not MQA that is as high as it will go. In Audirvana settings you can use the multiplier function X2 will give you 24 192 if the original is MQA, you can upscale further all the way to 32bit 768. The settings you see may differ depending on which DAC you are using. What resolution is your DAC currently displaying?

Hi my dac shows 24/176.4 for a Tidal MQA track that is 24/352.8. I’m not sure why he puts that rate as ‘supported PCM rate’. since I have an RME Adi 2 dac that goes up to 768 khz. thanks for your help

sorry, to answer your first question; my dac is not MQA compatible

First not all the MQA traks on Tidal are 24/192 some are as low as 24 /48 you can still upscale of course. The highest you will Get from Tidal without the second unfold which can only be done by a DAC is 24/192 The resolutions you are seeing are teh result of upsampling in Audirvana. I find that the best overall sound quality comes from X2 rather than trying to upscale to teh max your DAC can use. Try and see if you get the same results. I have Chord DAC and they also do not have MQA capability.

There Luigi corrected Your post to show the actual facts. I’m still hoping that Damien will drop MQA support so that We again can enjoy a great piece of software. Without supporting a scam company.

Remember that initially they launched MQA as lossless (which it is not) now they are trying to market it as HiRes (which it is not)

Archimago, Maner and others have exposed the Emperors new clothes, why would anyone support MQA ?