Is (Pure) Software Volume Control Available on Audirvana for Windows?

I see the switch for software volume control on the MacOS version of Audirvana. I also see a volume control slider on Audirvana for Windows. On my DAC, the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 (which as the “Pre” in its name indicates, includes a built-in hardware volume adjustment - it also offers remote control for volume), the volume slider in Audirvana for Windows does not seem to affect the system volume at all unless it is completely muted.

I would like to experiment with exclusive software volume control with the DAC volume set all the way up (0 dB), and I wondered whether this was available for DACs such as mine in Audirvana for Windows.

I recall there was talk last year about Audirvana incorporating the Leedh processing for digital volume control.

Has this been incorporated into Audirvana, and if not, are there plans to do this?

Damien said on the Audiophile Style site that he developed his own improved software volume control instead.

I tried Lumin’s implementation of Leedh today as they upgraded the firmware to 13.0 and it seems very good. Will give it more testing later this week.

Hello all and Damien,
is the improved software volume available now in Audirvana?

It’s been available for some time.

You’re talking about the volume control available for years or an improved version of volume control like Leedh processing (supposed to be completly lossy)?

The last Time i used audirvana volume control was two years ago i think. It was really good with details and lisibility but with less space and refinement than with my Octave preamp or Ayre K5xeMP.
I didn’t read anywhere than Audirvana volume control was improved but if it’s the case i’ll try it again versus my preamps.