Is there a thread for W10?

Hi, I’m listening to A+ for Windows. Though it sounds very good in comparison to XXHighend, which I’ve used for 10 years, I’m having a few issues. Is there a W10 thread I can post on? My first question is about volume control: Is it only a slider or can I assign keyboard commands? I have A+ on my laptop and stream tracks to an Allo Digione. My DAC is a Yggdrasil. My next question regards the library. Is there any way to select tracks via winows file explorer from within A+? I have a ton of classical and Jazz and searching by track, album or artist, which are the only A+ options, is not at all convenient. Unfortunately, when I try to just use file explorer to select a track via the “open With” option in the windows explorer drop down menu, A+ is not an option. Any help appreciated.

Okay, I see I did post in the W10 forum. Sorry about that. Thanks for any and all reply’s to my questions