Issue with Diretta

Dispite the last version. And with various Diretta host Conf.
It’s very very unstable, absolutly unusable.
What is your Diretta Host configuration ?
There is a lot of latency and it crash all the time…
But when it run few time sound is really good…
What are your recommendation ?
What is your test conf (version Host, version Target, etc…)

I precise I use Diretta without issue with mpd/upmpdcli or gmediarender for a long time on Gentooplayer without issue.
With Audirvana, it crash the host, or Audirvana, or even all the RPI5…

Hmmm, it’s weird. Everything is working fine for me with my Direttta target DST-00 I2S .
SQ is very good and better than using UPnP with UPMPCLI + MPD.
ALSA playback Optimization must be set to “Standard”.

@Le-dom which version of Host and Target do you use ?

You are right I used Extreme, now with Standard it is more stable

After some tests with different audio source I’ve noticed 2 major problems:

1- DSD files (dsf files) are not played, playing doesn’t start.
2- I can hear a click which seems to be a very short pink noise when I start playing a track. It seems it can appear from time to time between 2 tracks.

I have also an issue of stability, less than with Extrem but it crash multiple time, seems socket time-out

Hi-Res have also issues

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Hi @Agoldnear ,
Thanks for this link I knew, yet.
In the present case it has nothing to do with DSD as DSD playback doesn’t work at all with audirvāna using Diretta ALSA driver at this time.
This click appears when I start a streaming playback from Qobuz, for example. In this case the files are Flac files (PCM).
I’ve noticed that I don’t get this problem with local files on my music SSD.

I also had pink noise issues and Diretta crashing with GentooPlayer 8.7 when I streamed Qobuz, but it happened with Roon. (I Did not try Audirvana with Gentoo 8.7 yet).
This is a completely new issue that I never encountered with Gentoo/Diretta.
Changes in Diretta Conf did not remove the noise.
Trying other kernels on the Host, and the Target made the pink noise disappear, and Diretta stopped crashing.

Can you precise the kernel you used, and the kernel without the issue ?

As @Cloclo has commented, he hasn’t tried with Audirvana. :wink:

I’ve tried different conf, different kernels and different Linux distributions but without success. I still get the same problems between Audirvana and Diretta ALSA driver.

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@Le-dom I spoke about his similar issue which could have perhaps given us an orientation… But seems not connected…

I encountered the pink noise with the RT-ULTRA-2000 kernel.
It disappeared when I switched to RT-ULTRA-EARY kernel (both on the Host and the Target).

Diretta continues to crash on the Host with Qobuz.
It does not crash with local files.

Are you using Audirvana now or do you still have the problem with Roon?
What is your configuration? Diretta Host? Diretta Target?
For my part I only get the problems I mentioned with Audirvana and Diretta ALSA driver.
It works with my other players such as MPD, albumPlayer, aprenderer, gmediarender etc…
I don’t have Roon.

Idem for me, Diretta is stable with other player on the same Host/Target conf, even with streaming

The problem occurs with Roon playing Qobuz.
I can’t reproduce the issue with Audirvana, because I have a license of Origin, and it does not stream Qobuz.
My setting is made of two PCs running GP, one is configured as Host, and the other as Target.

Ok, thanks a lot for the information.

Looking closer into this strange issue, I understand that the problem is not with streaming Qobuz.
Diretta actually crashes on the Host both with Qobuz and local files if the rate of the tracks is higher than 24-96.
Everything works fine up to 24-96.
Playing a 24-192 or a 24-176 track makes Diretta crash immediately.