Issues with DAC lock and Apple air pods

If I Select the internal speakers on the M1 MacPro the audio plays but an annoying pop-up appears warning about DAC exclusive mode. There simply isn’t time to press the “don’t display this anymore” button. So this works but it is annoying.

However, if I connect a pair of air Pods, specifically the second generation model, I get the warnings and no sound.

Thinking this might be an Intel/Apple Silicon thing I drug out an older Intel core i7 MacBook Pro. Ran the same tests with the same results. So probably not a CPU issue. I think it has something to do with the air pods. Perhaps y’all could investigate this and get rid of that DAC exclusive pop-up.


Please paste your Debug information here, so folks can help you the best possible… it is found here: Settings–> My Account–> Help–> Debug information .

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Hi @Erich1,

The popup is there until you press OK or if the playback stops. Can you confirm which case you are in?