Issues with product activation and using SonEQ Pro on Audirvana Windows 10

Hi, not sure if this is the right forum, but I have recently purchased the following VST plugin from Sonimus for Audirvana:

  1. Burnley 73
  2. Tuco Compressor
  3. SonEQ Pro

I have downloaded the licensers from My Area, ran the registry file and rebooted my computer (multiple time). Despite all this, the plugins are still coming up as demo version. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Also, I have followed the installation instruction for SonEQ Pro but Audirvana fails to recognize the plugin. Does anyone have the solution?



Hello @JeffyT,

When you try to configure your plugin in Audirvana (without playing a track), do you have an option to activate them?

Hi Damien,

This issue has been resolved, thanks :slight_smile:


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