Jukebox mode question before purchase


I am new here and like what I see so far. Before I jump ship and purchase the lifetime option of audirvana I have one specific question that I really need answered for this to work for me.

I use tidal masters and have my own FLAC collection. I have a nice valve amp which will have a standalone audirvana PC plugged into it.

I want 2 android remotes. One for a 15 inch tablet on my wall (this all started because the tablet won’t pick up my dragonfly black so I have had to add the PC into the mix) and one on my phone

I want the wall tablet to be able to add any song to queue and see what is playing but not change playlists etc. This can only be done by the PC and/or my phone. Like a jukebox.

Can audirvana do this?

The lifetime subscription is just for 3.x is that right?

Thanks for your help


Hello @Ernie,

Thank you for your mail.

Does the tablet you want to use is a Android or iOS tablet?

Hi Damien thanks for the prompt reply

I have 15" android tablet. This is for my home setup at the moment but I have a few friends who are interested in similar feature.

Android tablet with audirvana remote mounted on wall that can only add songs to queue no more like a jukebox

Android phone full functionality

Kind regards


Audirvana Remote can do this, have you tried it? You can download it for free en the Play Store.

Hi Damien

So I can make it only able to add song via audirvana remote on my tablet?

How do I do that? I have audivarna remote on that tablet now. But I only want the settings to stay on that android device not all android devices does that still work?

You will not be able to limit the capabilities of the Remote since it can add songs to the queue, see what is being played, manage your playlist. The feature you will have on one Remote will also be here on another so if you have multiple Remote, they will all have the same capabilities.

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Ok I guess that is a compromise as long as the desktop app behind my bar still has full features.

So how do I make remote only able to add song to queue but not view or edit playlists?

Thank you

As said previously, you can’t limit the capabilities of the Remote.

Apologies that wasn’t clear I thought you meant you couldn’t have individual settings on each remote but the functionality was still there.

Is there any plan to add something similar in the future? The rest of the app is wonderful

Hi Damien,

Ive found the default tap action in the settings which is exactly what I am after. I will definitely purchase your product at the end of the trial period thank you Audirvana is great.

I do have one recommendation which I hope you will take on board - When you tap on a song sometimes it adds twice or three times as there is no notification that it has been added to queue. A simple pop up here saying its been added to queue would be amazing.

Thanks for all your help

Kind Regards