Kann keine Playlist importieren

Ich kann eine Audirvana Windows Playlist nicht in IOS Audivarna importieren. Who can help me?

Hello @Eckhard, you can’t import playlist with Audirvana Remote, all you can do is managing it (remove it/add a playlist/add or remove tracks in it). TO import your playlsit you must use Audirvana on your MacOS or Win10

Hi Damien, I am creating the playlist on the PC and want to transfer it to the MAC. This is not working.

Before you import your playlsit, have you synchronized your music in Audirvana?

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Hi Damien, Yes i did

Can you make a screenshot of Audirvana of your imported playlist?

Plalist audir

I assume the Klassik playlist is from your Mac but you don’t have it on Windows?

No, the “michaelischor.m3u” comes from Windows PC. I want to import it into the Mac