keyboard usability issues


I have some question about the user interface.

It seems that the play, pause, skip keys of windows keyboards can not control Audirvana. Are there other keys such as [space] for pause to control Audirvana? This would allow headless control or the use of Flirc remotes.

A similar question is when browsing through Artists or Albums, I can not press a letter key on order to jump e. g. to Artists starting with letter L. can that be implemented?



can anyone answer my questions? What are the keyboard commands for skip, plau/pause etc?


I would also like to know an answer for this issue. Why Audirvana does not use the same button lay out as other music players for Windows?

Based on the lack of answers on this issue indicates to me that either nobody uses the commands, or there’s a manual signaling this. My guess is the later, but I did not receive a manual with my purchase.

Thank you.

I’ve added the SPACE bar as shortcut for play/pause in the 1.3.4 I’ve just released.
Just restart Audirvana Plus to get the update.

I’ll add the other ones (the media keys) as a selectable option in a next release. (not everyone may want Audirvana Plus to preempt these keys, even when Audirvana Plus is not the forefront application)

Thank you Damien!


The Spacebar works fine, but, for example, if you just happen to click the repeat or shuffle buttons, pressing spacebar changes the status of those buttons instead of playing/pausing the track.


are there any news about the media control keys? Thank you!

+1 here (I´m currently running v1.3.9 build 1068)
that would greatly improve usability for me.
please + thanks in advance!

I can only find limited keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10, Audirvana 3.5.10. Am I missing some? I’m able to play/pause with the space bar and go up and down in the list of albums with either page up/page down or the up/down arrows, but even for those, I need to first click the mouse into the track/album space on the screen. Play/pause spacebar is convenient, but scrolling I would guess everyone does with their mouse wheel. What I would LOVE: since I have Tidal connected, I spend a lot of time exploring their music library, and that would be much easier if the back/forward buttons that navigate you well… back and forward … through screens you’ve looked at, had keyboard commands for them so that we could assign those to the mouse back/forward buttons. I feel like I need to click back or forward 10x if not 100x more than I interact with any other function in Audirvana while already listening to given songs.

Are there back / forward keyboard shortcuts? Specifically for macOS but generally would like to map my back/forward buttons in my mouse to navigate between screens I visited.