Khadas Tone Board - Audirvana issues

Hi, I just purchased a Khadas Tone Board DAC and Audirvana seems to have a issue with it where the music is heavily distorted. I tried the Khadas coming straight from iTunes and the native Tidal app and had no problems - the music was clear however every time I switched to Audirvana it came out distorted. I tried multiple times to close and re-run the app with no success. I downloaded the latest Khadas drivers and that also didn’t work.

Is there any known compatibility issues with the Khadas Tone Board?


I have a similar issue: when playing 44,1 kHz streams I can upsample with max 2x.
However, if I play 192 kHz streams they are output to the Khadas without audible distortion.
I use the USB connection.

Help is much appreciated.

Best regards

PS: Apart from that I am very happy with your software!

Have you tried to set “Limit to 24bit” in the settings?

Have you tried without upsampling?

I use a Khadas TB with A3.5.33 without any issues but have upsampling deactivated.