Kitchen device with UPNP?

I am successfully using Audirvana over UPNP with my hi fi. Would love to link it to a player in the kitchen (I used to have a Squeezebox Touch linked to logitech Media Server over wifi). We have an Amazon Echo but I can’t see a way that would communicate with Audirvana. I also want access to Radio.
I was surprised to find my portable radio (Steljes SA60) supports DLNA (and Audirvana can output to it) but, of course, I can only choose tracks from the Audirvana server upstairs on my Mac, not from the radio.
Is there a DLNA/UPNP enabled device that can be sued standalone in the kitchen that can both access Audirvana (and be able to see available tracks) and have Internet radio ?

You’ll be better off with a UPnP server like MinimServer outputting to your DLNA compatible device controlled through a mobile device running control point software like Glider.

To be able to browse the music on the internet radio device you need a big(er) screen. Some Cocktail Audio products can do that.

Thanks, but no Qobuz integration ? Seems more of an alternative to LMS with which I was quite happy. However, Audirvana sounds slightly better to my ears although it does not support internet radio. But I can get that through my Lyngdorf amp.
I’ll take a look at Cocktail audio.

Correct, for that you need a device that supports Qobuz on it’s own.

You may also want to take a look at Bluesound wireless speakers. There’s no display so you need a mobile device to control it. There are presets though that you can map to internet radio stations or playlists.

Check out also Sonoro Stream: