Large PDFs cannot be displayed

When using the Audirvana Remote on my iPad I always try to have a PDF-booklet in the folder containing the album on my server. Some of these might be large because they are scanned from the physical LP sleeves. There are two things which could be improved. Firstly, if the the file is large it takes a long time loading into the Remote, but there are no sign of any activity so you might think the remote has failed. How about a rotating wheel saying loading or something similar? Secondly, worse is that if the file is large, i.e. a couple of 100 MBytes, the Remote will actually fail and present a black or white screen. Even if the PDF displays, it might fail and go blank when you zoom in with your fingers. It’s the same for both Audirvana 3.5 and Origin 1.0.5. I’d love to see this corrected. Best regards