Last addition incomplete

I append now some albums - but last addition list is incomplete + incorrect entries

Audirvana - last addition list

Audirvana - this is how it should be

Finder - this is how it should be
Finder - this is how it should be

Audirvana Studio 2.4.0 (20400)
macOS 13.5.1 with 16GB physical RAM

All maintenance points carried out, no change
Audirvana - maintenance points

Hi @fredmusiconmac ,

If you search one of the albums you are talking about, do you find them?

Also, can you check the added date of the tracks in those albums?


I notice here that the selection scheme “Recent Additions” given by Audirvana does not work correct!
Immediately after ripping the four Herman van Veen CD albums, they were still visible. I corrected something in the metadata (Mp3tag) of other ripped CDs, then Van Veen 2 CDs were no longer visible.


In “Recent Additions” “Jüngste Ergänzungen“ header are 5 alben

In body are only 4 alben - and false too

New are this!

Please see the help - the “Recent Additions” (“Jüngste Ergänzungen“ ) directory is definitely “shot” - it is NOT showing what it should show!
In addition, two albums without tracks are displayed!
I’ve tried all the database repair options, nothing helped!
Only two of the 5 new albums appear, but two shown that are not new!



Have you checked the filter editor for the ‘recently added’ category?
Maybe something in there is causing your issue.

There is no entry!

There are ghost entries, If I click on them you get to an empty album - if I click on play in the overview, a completely different album is played.
How can this be solved?
Export all the playlists I have created, create an Audirvana backup - and then delete its database (save it beforehand)?
My MacMini is regularly backed up in its entirety using Apple’s TimeMachine.

The number of albums listed (20) also does not match the information in the header (7)!

I run Audirvana Studio 2.4.0 (20400) on an M1 MacMini (M1 ARM CPU)
macOS 13.5.1 with 16GB physical RAM

Hi @fredmusiconmac,

I sent you a private message about your behavior.

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