Latest news on remote; it is now available for iOS

…i heard that the remote is cancelled? Is it true? There seems to be some mailing going around that say that the remote is cancelled because of some kind of disease that’s called"COVIDimpatient beta"?
Is it possible to get my money back?
Why is no one answering of audirvana staff…:sob:

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Damn that’s sad. Now I have to find a long stick to operate As from my couch.

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I have not seen anything about that on this forum (except your post) nor on the rest of the internet.
And COVIDimpatient Beta? are you kidding? If this is a joke it is not even funny.

You should at least provide a reliable source where you heard that. Otherwise you are just a scaremonger and causing panic for nothing.

I’m pretty sure this was some humour to lighten the mood.
I didn’t get the impatient beta part of it fwiw

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It did not lighten my mood, that’s for sure :rofl:

Well he tried. Haha. Let’s give the guy credit for that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Where is the posting flagger when we need him :grinning:


You would panic if you didn’t get a remote. You might need to Reevaluate your life

COVIDimpatientbeta; don’t take it to seriously…the covid part…

Remember, we’re on the Internet, jokes aren’t funny on the Internet. This is serious, very serious, we’re talking about the remote of a software, not something to be taken lightly.

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Yes i’m te one who should revaluate my life😂.

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I don’t know if it’s cancelled or not but I did notice that the remote feature (which was being promoted before) is now no longer mentioned on the Audirvana web site front page.

If you click on Read More about Audirvana Studio at the bottom of the page there is still no mention of a remote on that page also. This has been changed recently because when they launched AS the remote was being promoted on the front page.

In addition, we received an e-mail announcing the remote’s arrival. @Damien3 posted at the beginning of the trial that the remote will be released within “a few weeks”. And in the interview of Damien and Manuel for Audiophile Forum’s podcasts, they said that they were working on the remote, and promised that it will arrive soon. And I got a two weeks trial extension, that will end in three days, to try the remote.
So why was it removed from the site? Are we waiting for nothing?

No! We are not waiting for nothing… Yes! I’m afraid with 2 weeks extension you are waiting for nothing.

Yes audirvana made a promise.
No the don’t communicate to their costumers.
Yes, the costumers are fed up with this.
No…it won’t help to keep asking the same questions over and over again.
Yes…there should be an remote and BEFORE the trial.
No, bashing audirvana won’t help.
Yes not bashing won’t help either.
No! They didn’t cancel the remote
Yes…it was a stupid joke
No! audirvana isn’t working as it should be.
Yes …that is fckd up
Yes we can go to Room
NO! The audirvan flaws will NEVER be solved and if it did there wil appear other problems.
Yes we can go on living and stop asking the same irritating questions and messages.
Yes! The audirvana community is just as stuck as the software of audirvana…
…yes!..i will shut up. I will i will i will… I think…i don’t…


What would have happened if the remote was there on the same time studio was launched?
What would have happened if the launched it 2 weeks later
What would happen if they launch it today?

We will all be bashing audirvana again because i will tell you all with great confidence; THE REMOTE WON’T WORK AS IT SHOULD WORK. Even if they launched it before studio,at the same time, yesterweek, right now, or tomorrow.

Other question; when you would be part of the audirvana team and see and read the same questions over and over again…and no matter what you answer it never be okay etc etc… :dash::dash::dash:… what would you do?:dash::dash::dash:

And before you will start saying i will do first;
But they promised
But i payed
But no remote

Ik know, you are all right. So here we are in some vicious circle and as a vicious circle suposed to do; we are stuck in it…
It is what you choose for…in the meantime i’m out… paying audirvana to work on audirvana studio for MY music and MY audio… thank you audirvana team!
And if i think they are not doing their jobs like the should do i sent them a mail. If i still don’t agree…i leave.
But here i am, out of the vicious circle and loving Audirvana with it’s flaws… sticking with it.


Do anyone know when the remote will be launched? Because the promised to have one when they launched studio… and​:dash::dash::dash::dash:.

We do care, in the (Audirvana) community!

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It’s coming. Before the end of your trial. Says it right here.

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What is the origin of this screenshot?
My trial ends in three days, but I did not get such message…

He is just kidding with you…this is the real one…(photo)

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