Library File Problems

I have a serious problem. I have had a similar problem before and it caused me to lose all my playlists which took a great deal of time to create, and I went ahead and re-created them. I don’t want to do that again.

The other day, I had to shut down my Macbook Air that I dedicate to Audirvana. When I rebooted it, I got a message that the library file couldn’t be found. After quitting and restarting a couple of times, I was able to get it (in the preferences) to select what I thought was the last library file. However, when I start it now, and try to play any playlist or individual album, I get a message on the bottom of the player that the file can not be found.

I have tried to select all the library files that are on my mac and none of them work. It seems that the app has updated to 3.5.46 and did something to the library file as none of the ones I can see in the finder have anything more than v.2. something in their file name. And, when I try to change the location of the library file in the preferences, it doesn’t seem to change the file that is selected.

My Mac OS is 10.15.6.

Please help me resolve this. Thanks in advance.

Whatever happened to the database, if you have a TimeMachine backup, your problem will be resolved, and you’ll retrieve your playlists.

There are people on this forum who will tell you where to restore the database from the Time Machine backup.

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