Library: how to split 2.0 from 5.1 DSD view?

Scenario. Audirvana Origin on macOS Monterey (all music on a Synology NAS).
I’ve ripped with my old Oppo 105 all of my big SACD disks library to DSF files, placing them in 2.0 and 5.1 multichannel folders, and using Mp3tag to correctly tag them (even for channels number).
Other than my ripped SACD files, I’ve terabytes of stereo and multichannel flacs, correctly tagged.

When I’m at my desk Mac Studio, connected to a stereo RME ADI-2 DAC fs, I want to play 2.0 stereo SACD files.
When I’m in my listening room, with a Mac Mini M1 connected via HDMI to a multichannel Anthem AVM70 DAC, I want to play 5.1 SACD files.
At the moment in “Library | DSD” or “Hi-Res” there’s no possibility to source only stereo OR multichannel music: you easily find duplicated titles, both in stereo and 5.1.

Might you place an easily accessible switch/choice to set Audirvana to filter only on stereo | 5.1 | both?

I know you could create filtered playlists… but this might be a further, easy and comfortable, way to select correct music for the current system (even from the mobile app, that might control both my stereo and 5.1 system).

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Have you added the Channel/Number of Audio Channel to your view while looking at Tracks? I do not have nearly as many as you but I do see what tracks/albums are Stereo; 5 Ch.; 6 Ch. Of course, you also directly create Smart Playlists with the same Channel field values.

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Hello @jlm70,

You should be able to filter the view the way you want:

Yes, correct.
I’ve created smart playlists, and I’ve seen that the “number of channels” is connected to the %MODE% tag within the DSF files.

The problem I have is that I find MANY (almost all) duplicated albums and tracks (while I’m sure that there’s a single copy of the file in my NAS).
For instance if I apply the 2 channels filter, I have an SACD album that has 3 times the first (SACD stereo) track, 3 times the second, the third, etc.
If I remove the filter I see 4 albums (instead of one), some with a mix of stereo and 5.1 tracks, some only stereo… a mess.
I used mp3 tag to review the tags and everything seem perfectly fine, so… really do not understand why this dupes and wrong assignments.
May I MANUALLY move one file from one album to the other, so to “build” a single album with all the tracks (stereo and 5.1), and then deleting the dupes, so to reorder everything?

At the moment I do not know how to move some tracks from one album to the other… I can only delete them from the library.

PS: I’ve already removed the .cue and .xml files from the folders of the albums.

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