Library Not Loading During Analysis

I have tried multiple times ( and with multiple installations) to load my library from the designated folder on my external drive. The progress bar displaying the process just states that that Audirvana
is scanning/analyzing my files. I hit the question icon next tp the status bar, and it says that it can take a long time to load my library. I have waited overnight for this process to finish, but it still reflects the same messages and behavior. Please let me know what is possibly wrong here. Thanks!

How big is your library?

Hi, it’s about 1 TB in my music library. Music Bee and Groove music all recognize the FLAC nearly instantly. This loading issue seems specific to Audirvana. Again, it just keeps saying “syncing”. Thanks

Can you put a folder on the same drive as the AUDIRVĀNA STUDIO with just one or two music files/albums.

Delete the pointed to folders on AUDIRVĀNA and point to your new folders on same main computer.

This will tell you if it is your external drive issue.

My main music folders are on external drive. They do take longer to sync than the one I have on main computer.

This is only a user talking.

By the way. Do you have access to the library while it is analysing? You should do!

Thank you for your guidance. Moving the database file folder to the same drive as music worked. Are you kind enough to relay the best WASAPI configuration for quality; using S/PDIF output at 192, and DSD 64. I have MQA set to “Renderer” and “DSD over PCM 1.1”. Please let me know what I should opt for to maximize quality. I do not have a DAC for the workstation or an audio interface- just the designated optical and traditional 1/8 inch headphones. Is Kernal Streaming helpful over WASAPI? THANKS AGAIN FOR ANY CLARIFICATION.

Hi @KDMIller

You are taking me for some kind of expert. I am not.

I will say that with very little guidance except that gleaned from this forum I have experimented with all the settings to get a sound I liked.

Then, all the different recordings requiring as many different settings. So, yes I’m slightly crazy. Luckily I have a fantastic piece of equipment (my early DEQX processor) enabling me to create three settings to suit normal listening, late night listening and orchestral.

As for WASAPI I have no knowledge. Hopefully someone with this expertise will answer you. Meanwhile, trial and error.

There are as many configurations as there are people a d their varying equipments. I do not envy Damien trying to make this AUDIRVĀNA STUDIO to be able to suit everyone.

Which DAC do you use? For DSD64 you can set DoP 1.0.