Library not synching right with folders on harddrive

Hello i have completely removed Audirvana from my Mac book,cleared everything abnd reboot my Macbook, than i downloaded a complete new version of Audirvana and installed it. Then i added my music to the library, let it synch for a long time.
Now i am at the same point that i was, it is still a mess with synching the folders from my eternal harddisk tot the library, Tracks are “ forgotten” or missing or albums are not recognised at all, de metadata is not correct or absent at all. I have to manually cirrect much files and that is not why i bought this prigramm. It is still a mess with filling the library with this program. What a disappointed programm is this.

You’ll need to sort out the metadata first.

I quiet with Audirvana. I have had it with this program it is frustrating from the beginning and has never become better

Hello Bitracer

If i have tot do the metadat sorting all by hand why do i need Audirvana them i ssumed that was a task from the programm, but still if the metadata is right it still makes a mess from importing folders into the library, “ forgetting” some tracks and whenm you have same albums with different smaple rates it merged them. That what you dont want to happen ofcourse, The only thing is that the sound is ok but several other programms are running in very fast so in a short while i totally qieut wiht using Audirvana. It is fristrating from the beginnning with no possibility to navigate trough you libaray with the arrow keys ont the Macpro. On the other hand uses Audirvana a lot of processortime when upsampling from pcm tot dsd. I have a I7 macbook pro and when upsampling the cooler blows the Macbook “ in the air” but the main complain for me is the poor navigation possiblility and i dont want to use the remote (where you have tot pay for also) this programm wiht the current navigation is made buy someone with a bloody large touchscreen i think not thinking of those who havent one

Not every piece of software is for everybody. You said it yourself, there are alternatives you could be happier with.

Either you’re so unhappy with Audirvana and it doesn’t make sense for you to invest more time to make it work, … or you’re almost happy with Audirvana so you’re ready to put up with the issue(s) you have and hope that your rant will get Audirvana developers to address issues you have. Which one is it?

I have a modest collection of 10K tracks from CDs (over 700 ) I ripped myself and was very careful in getting the metadata just right while ripping. There are also some higher res files, but not much, maybe 1-2%. I never had issues with metadata. It just works.