License file Lost

Im already almost one week mailing Audirvana support, then they redirect me to this link:

…and no reply at all. The fact is that still, Im not able to use a program that I bought several years ago and I dont know already how to proceed to use something I paid for.

Any suggestion?

Send a private message to this name:
Or wait till tomorrow he sees this

That link needs to be removed.

Absolutely no point in posting it, y’all brave or crazy to click on it.
Don’t want no cooties and send your info to Antoine

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Edit or remove that link. That is private and meant for your eyes only.

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Hello @Raul_Cf,

You told us about loosing your license key but checking our database, we saw you only have the version 2 of Audirvāna which mean we can’t give you the license file since it’s handled by 2checkout, the merchant of records we used in the past.

We are not in charge of this website and older customer of v1 and 2 can, by themself, access to their 2cheekout account to get this license file to be used.

But if you can’t access to this account, you need to contact 2checkout so they can check your account, we can’t do this for you and this is why we gave you this link to contact them.

This is a public link, he can post it, anyone can access to it since it’s on the 2checkout website.

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I contacted them several times and they dont answer, so my situation Is the same. And I dont know already what else I can do to be able to use a program I paid for.
I know you direct me to 2checkout, but I insist they dont answer me at all. So what else I can do? I dont think this situation Is fair for me (and Im not guilty if in the past licenses were handled by 2checkout, what I know is that I bought an Audirvana license).
Maybe you can internally talk to them and help me?

When you filled the contact form, have you received a automatic mail from them acknowledging that they received your mail ?

Yes, that’s the only answer I receive, that automatic reply

Okay, I will contact them about it to see if they can speed up their process.

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Ok, thanks a lot

Oops. My bad :wink:


@Raul_Cf , Apologies to you. Didn’t understand what the link was about.
Welcome to the forum! Slightly rough landing, hope you get it sorted soon.

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No worries at all guys, and thanks for the help in advance!


Hi again Antoine,

Any news or answer about this? To me, nobody reply me yet and I doubt already someone from them will do,

Thanks in advance

I sent them a mail but no response on my side either…

So, what I should do to keep using my license?

Im really sorry to insist on this, but, can someone of you guys from Audirvana give me a solution for this situation? Im only asking for assistance to use a lifelong license of Audirvana I bought some years ago,

Thanks in advance,

Hello @Raul_Cf,

We have just made a test for you, can you check your mail inbox if you have not received a mail from 2checkout? It can also be in your spam inbox.

Hi Antoine,

No, I haven’t received any email neither inbox nor spam box,