Linux Studio to Diretta Target (Gentooplayer) not working

Installed the Studio on Ubuntu 22.01 (Hp Laptop). I can see my audio device (aplay -l) as a Diretta Target App sitting in a seperate Gentooplayer (as Diretta Target) (in Pi2AES box).
However, nothing plays. Got a quick message such as exclusive access etc… . If i choose another remote player, file does play fine. Please advise.

This fact has been confirmed to me by Yu from Diretta.
I don’t know if the possibility to choose between MMAP or RAW will be implemented on Audirvana for Linux.
You ca use UPnP connection in Audirvana with UPmpdcli + MPD for example.

Tested with Upmpdcli+mpd on host laptop > Diretta > Pi2AES (Gentooplayer) > and that works fine.
But it is a bit convoluted. I wanted to avoid the upnp protocol altogether. Does that mean Diretta protocol is not usable with the current version of Studio? thx

Right, at this time Diretta protocol via Diretta ALSA driver is not usable.
I’ve asked Antoine if the possibility to choose between MMAP or Raw for buffer access will be possible in a future version but I don’t have more info from him at this time about this feature.

ok noted. thanks for the clarifications @Le-dom