I would really loved a Linux version of AS with interface. I am visual impaired and live in a small apartment, don’t need the remote, want to use my huge monitor how i do in Windows for software control, not a mobile app. PLEASE!

A question out of curiosity: Audirvana for Windows works for you on a big monitor? If that is true, why would you want to run it on Linux instead of Windows?

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Not wanting to hijack this conversation but I would love an interface for Linux too. Linux gives me so much more granular control over the processes running to optimize for sound quality, something that can be done partially in Windows with Fidelizer. Except in Linux my monitor stays black on a simple login prompt, where just showing the mini player would be nice already. (I know this can be done via an Android emulator but no, thank you…)

Still the Linux version gives me better sound quality and no headaches with updates or other windows related headaches on a standalone little machine.

Cheers, Hans.

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@hlooman answered very well. Plus Linux is solid as a rock and very light on resources usage if is well configured. Privacy and open source. I don’t use Adobe products or play games, all my apps can run natively.

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Understood. I think the user base is very small. The Linux Core is a way to get Audirvana embedded on streamers, just as Volumio is now a choice for equipment manufacturers to select a streaming OS.

For that use case the App - Core combination makes a lot of sense.

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@DGrigorescu , a couple of idle thoughts:

  • I suppose a large screen iPad is not something you have or want to buy?

  • If you own a Mac and iPhone, the new operating systems will allow mirroring the phone screen on the Mac. I don’t know whether or to what extent resizing the phone screen on the monitor will be possible.

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No. I have an Android phone, a PC and a DAC and don’t want to invest in new equipements, at least for the moment. Want to use Linux as my one and only OS. That’s why I proposed this.