List of UI problems

This is exactly what I meant in my post:

you would to play or shuffle the whole selection you have → the selection in the serach results

I try to understand what you are saying:

I have one click to open the search; it displays the previous search:

it then click on one of the previous search and I get this:

It’s two click indeed, if it’s not what you had in mind, please correct me with screenshots.

Yes, same here.
When you then klick on any of AS’s propositions (album, track,…), you have to click 2 times to get there. 1 time should be enough.

I don’t have this behavior, if for example, I click one time on Thunderstick, the track start, I don’t have to click two times on it.

I tested that again. Is this your approach?

  1. You write “AC/DC” in the search field
  2. You hit “Enter” confirming your search
  3. You click on “Thunderstick” - AS plays the track

My way would be the same without step 2, because AS already shows the result of a research without hitting the “Enter” button. But in my approach I have to click 2 times on “Thunderstick”.

That’s why I propose the following approach: As soon as AS shows during writing in the search field, what I am looking for, it allows to choose, what I want, but with 1 click.
Example for my famous Debussy research: After having written “debu” in the search field, AS shows, what I’m looking for. Then I would like to choose with 1 click, what I want to go to. That would be intuitive to me

Again I checked the search algorythm.
For results in the section “Album” we could expect every album containing the search term in albumname. That works.
For results in the section “Tracks” we could expect every track containing the search term in title or artist or composer. AS only goes for title. That seems to be too restrictiv for me.
For results in the section “Artist” we could expect every album containing the search term in artists. AS goes for artist or composer. But it also shows foreign tracks of compilations.
For results in the section “Composer” we could expect every album containing the search term in composer. That works. But it also shows foreign tracks of compilations.
In my opinion the panel of results is very well crafted, but the algorythms are not yet consistent.

Your list of pinpointed, factual, constructive feedback is admirable. The forum thanks you for your partnership.

AS 1.7.2:
The devil is in the details :wink:
In list and album view the 3 dots allow to delete tracks. But when you open an album and want to delete a track via the 3 dots menu, delete is greyed out.
Question: What does AS delete in album view? the entire album?

When I’m in an other playlist than the one, where my actual played track belongs to, AS doesn’t find the album/track with Cmd L.


I completly agree with that. Apple have tried to teach the concept of “human behavior” to their products since the first MAC, and this problem is a clear example of what it should be. Of course there is no reason to restrain that concept to MAC only, PC should do the same.
Please @Antoine you should consider that and make it a rule.

It’s already the case, as soon as you start typing (i basically searched “ac”), Studio is automatically starting the search of your criteria.

Yes, a very nice fature of AS.
On macOS 10.14, I have to click 2 times on what I choose from the proposal of AS, to get there.
Does your Mac get’s there with 1 click?

I experience that each time I use the search fonction.
Example I want an album let say of Jonas Kaufmann
1- I click into the “seach” field
2-I type JO-> The albums of Jonas Kaufmann appears on the right part of the screen
3-I click on one album, nothing happens
4-I click a second time, then it goes to the album.
It seems that the first click makes the right part of the screen became active, and the second click is then computed. Hiting “Enter” is doing the same thing than the first click. As AS is already showing what I am looking for, it is intuitively natural to click directly on it without having to hit Enter"
This is not a very nice behavior, and should be corrected. I hope that helps to understand what @o99 is talking about and I agree with him.

Thank you @Alain for sharing your experience. It helps to be sure, that this a problem not only in my installation.

Clicking an album cover doesn’t open it, have to click again, clicking see all button doesn’t go there, have to click another time, in info window clicking a cover to delete not working, have to click another time…

In my playlist jazz, if i click an album cover, it doesn’t open, 2nd time yes, if i click to playlist jazz and click another album for 1st time, not working, but if i do back in same playlist to select another album, that works.



Also since i’m here :slight_smile:
When clicking an artist, albums of him are no more in year order like before,
this was changed to last album to first in last position… please put them back in year no a to z
and seeing first album to last :slight_smile: or give us the choice.

Also when we click an artist we want to see all his albums now…
not just a row, then we have to click to see all… not working, then click again see all
Arf!!! to much step for nothing.

thank you.


Maybe when we create our own playlists or smart playlists, we can get rid of that big no use banner up there like this… i can see 12 more albums (one complete row more without removing nothing)


I found what is going on here. When you do a search, there is the history displayed under it and unless you click somewhere in Studio, it will not disappear, this is why there is a second click needed. I will see with Damien what we can do about it.

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i don’t have this behavior:

When you are on the artists page you need to click two times to display all of his tracks?

When you scroll a bit the header should be much smaller, is it the case for you?