List of UI problems

Thank you @Antoine
AS with its whole PR tries to be a smart solution for music playback. The cool design underlines that.
Please make the UI as smart, so that no user stumbles over clumsy handling of AS and we have a smiling “wow” on our lips like a surfer on his wave. Then savouring music becomes the most important thing of AS.

Yes it is smaller, but not useful and sexy :grinning:

Not all my artists are in complete order… like this picture of pink floyd… mostly in order, but
and yes, the year of all albums are tagged well :slight_smile:

Hm, strange
Unfortunately, it’s not possible to define sorting criteria: everything greyed out

It seems, that there is a real problem in the search algorythm: When I search for Brahms, AS shows under the section Artists “Johannes Brahms”, eventhough no album has Brahms in its ID3 tag for the artist. Going there, AS shows the Componist Brahms to me.
So the diferentiation between Artist, Album Artist and Composer is not clear (the problem existed already in A 3.5).
Maybe its a problem from translating the library of A 3.5 to AS?

I pointed out earlier, how a proper function could work:

Again I checked the search algorythm.
For results in the section “Album” we could expect every album containing the search term in albumname. That works.
For results in the section “Tracks” we could expect every track containing the search term in title or artist or composer. AS only goes for title. That seems to be too restrictiv for me.
For results in the section “Artist” we could expect every album containing the search term in artists. AS goes for artist or composer. But it also shows foreign tracks of compilations.
For results in the section “Composer” we could expect every album containing the search term in composer. That works. But it also shows foreign tracks of compilations.
In my opinion the panel of results is very well crafted, but the algorythms are not yet consistent.

2 replies above i was saying that not all my Pink Floyd for example are in the right order…
tonight i look deeper and found that in tag window… the release date was in 2021…
another nice Music Brain Feature ???

i changed the date to 1968-12-31 since we cannot put 1969 !!
and it goes in its place for date order after…

same thing here in picture for More album…
How can that date appear from nowhere and not being near to be true !!!
Music playing with brains should it be called :frowning:

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Why we/you cannot input 1969 ? Some random snafu ?

Ok now relax………breath , breath in the air ……………

just finished Dark Side right now in 24/96 :slight_smile:
it s*cks big time…
another run to check 3900 albums to see!!!

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This hobby is the best…….feeds my/our OCD , ADD quite well :grimacing:

Put on some Wes Montgomery while you regurgitate your data !

Be well

Everyday when i tag something or finish an album, i sync then close Audirvana to secure my database for backup…

the day i don’t do it, i see ghost files appearing from nowhere
or something like the release date i just saw today… Bad Audirvana!

How about this one :slight_smile:

Lol that first track is very appropriate

That man was a great player, Grant Green also

PLEASE remove those release date tag added from nowhere and aren’t even true !!
Dead Brain Music stop it

It seems, that this information is from the “audio fingerprinting” almost nobody wants, or did you add the release date?

no i didn’t add that date… i just put year tag in my tags, they don’t appear up there usually :frowning:

This 1-click issue exists also in the search panel: If you open the panel and want to add a new rule, you have to click 2 times on “Add rule…” to add a rule.

The 1-click issue exists also when you open a playlist: You have to click 2 times on an album to open it. After retourning from 1 album to the playlist with arrow left it works with 1 click.

I see what is happening: AS interprets its windows as different layers. Changing from one window to another is the 1st click, to activate it. Then the 2nd click does, what you want.
@Antoine: Can you please talk to Damien, if it is possible, that the change between the windows doesn’t need a click or in other words, that all windows are active at the same time?

Very nice! Now 1 click works in search results. Thank you! :blush:

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Thanks for 1 clic correction !!