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after updating to the .9 version , the most recent version, audirvana will not play anything and I have reinstalled audirvana 3 times and nothing is working at all, whats up with this, I have a windows pc with audirvana installed, is there going to be another update to fix all these problems?

the 3.5.9 version is not working at all for me

Interesting for me 3.5.9 after today’s updates goes normal

There is nothing normal happening for me at all

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Can someone from audirvana try to help me with my problems??, please

It’s a bit vague how you describe issues you have. Could you dump the debug info here?

Just received the update and so far all looks (and sounds!) good. We’re going to need some more details, @Terrywayne.

Ok, audivarna is installed fine and is even connected to my playback device properly, when i click on a song to be played it loads up , but does not play, on both qobuz and tidal, then i try clicking on a new song to play but it does not load up the new song, it just stays on the same song that did not play originally and without playing anything

ok, I don’t use any of the streaming services so someone else will have to confirm those work.

have you tried loading any locally stored music on your computer as a troubleshooting test?

No I don’t have any locally stored

Same for me since the update …

You’re having the same problems i am?

Yes exactly the same with tidal working fine before this update

Wow, i thought i was the only one with this problem, we need to get someone to help us, i just purchased audivarna and i was hit with these problems, like right away as soon as i did

Really i bought Audirvana 5 days ago …

Ok it’s fixed for me, you just need to uninstall and reinstall

I have uninstalled and reinstalled 5 times and still have the same issues, I’m going to try again, did you make any kind of different settings when you reinstalled, like run as administrator or settings in the audivarna settings itself, thanks for any help

A message box appears after .9 update:
“Warning: Audirvana run as administrator.” ???
Did`nt change any settings.

So i run as administrator, is this correct

Up and running version 9 on Tidal with the DF Cobalt. Stable with MQA on both WASAPI and Asio4all, fingers crossed for future updates…