Looking to purchase Audirvana, for 2 platforms but had a question

So I ran out of my trial and the email said the new licensing begins the 23rd, Is there any way to purchase it now? Since I know I want the cross platform, what are my options? I believe if I buy the single license now it actually cost more to upgrade it in a few days…

Just trying to find out what makes sense…

Hello @sevenx7, you won’t be able to purchase it before next week, you need to wait if you want this cross platform license at this price. Otherwise you can still buy a license and then get a cross-license upgrade but it will cost much more than it will be next week.

I just bought a cross platform license, got a license key via e-mail, and the link for the download. But somehow, I am unable to download it. Could you please provide me with a download link that works?

My old Audirvana 3.5 is updated to 3.5.33 (3563) but I do not assume this is the new x-platform version?

Thanks for help!

Hello @Sailor, can you try again? I saw an old installation in our database i removed.

The problem seems to be the link provided by in the e-mail. It is

There, it tells me, ‘You have already registered’, but no download occurs.