Mac mini slowness playing 24bit/352.8kHz DXD track

Thanks, Damien.

I just tried playing the original 24-bit FLAC files (without launching the iPhone app). The first track I attempt to play begins playing, but the Mac Audirvana UI is unresponsive for 45 seconds or so. Activity Monitor shows “not responding”. But eventually the Mac UI comes back alive and I’m able to skip around the different tracks without any problem.

Again, this was after restarting Audirvana and not launching the iPhone app.

Here’s a video the issue on my 2018 i3 Mac mini

  1. launch Audirvana
  2. open Activity Monitor
  3. play Yes album 24/192kHz (output via USB to Chord Mojo)
  4. I’m able to select within the playing track and skip to next track without issues
  5. play first track off 24/352.8kHz Aeon Trio’s Elegy (AIFF file converted from original FLAC)
  6. notice that the track plays, but the UI hangs for about 30 seconds
  7. UI eventually returns and I can select within the playing track skip, and play any of the album tracks without any UI lag

I hope this helps diagnose the issue. Note: this is without launching the Audirvana Remote on iOS.


Can you send us the DSD track you try to play at [email protected]?