Mac Version 3.2.19 what would I get in 3.5?

I am on MacOs Catalina and run via Project Pre Box S2 Digital DAC to my amp.

I mainly stream from Tidal.

I would like to know what features I am missing out on right now (being on version 3.2.19) - what I see is that the Remote App is now for the 3.5 version only.

I wonder if the upgrade is worth the €90 when it is just a year ago I bought the first version. (I know economy is individual - but €90 is €90 :slight_smile: )

Thanks for input.

The upgrade is free.

Hi @bitracer,

I don’t think it is free. When I click on “already a customer” I get now free option.

Can you elaborate?


There is a special URL where you can upgrade the license. Search the forums, or @Damien3 will paste it here.

Hello @bitracer, the upgrade to 3.5 is not free anymore.

Hello @FooFighter, You won’t pay 90€ for this upgrade since we decided to make offers for existing clients, it’ll cost around 69€. The main change around the 3.5 is the interface and the change of upsampling algorithm, you also get the updates of Audirvana. Did you try it out already?


this is a bit confusing - but Audivana 3.5.33 (3563) was also installed on my system. When I opened it I could paste in my key and it worked - so in fact I am upgraded now.

So I guess I should just be happy and enjoy :slight_smile:

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