Macmini M2 Configuration

Hello, I am new to this forum and Audirvana.

I just bought a Mac mini M2 to use as a dedicated music server. I haven’t touched a Mac in many years.

Apart from installing Audirvana, selecting the audio output and running SystemOptimizer, do I have to do any configuration on the mac to make it act as a 24/7 server?

Hello Opm,

For a Mac Mini M2 I don’t know, mine is older and does not have an M2. But I guess that having a different processor does not change anything in the setting up of Audirvana.

So, in a nutshell, installing Audirvana on your MAc Mini is pretty much the only thing to do. Systemoptimizer should be installed at the same time and will be used if Audirvana is configured to use it.

For the rest, the audio renderer should appear in the list of devices in the appropriate menu. On my side I’m using UpNP devices on the network from the MAC Mini and I regularly switch from one to another without any problem (I’m using a wired connection).

So, voila, that’s it! Enjoy the music!


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Thank you for your answer.

I mean the adjustment of the mac operating system, such as turning off bluetooth, wifi, etc…

OK, so according to my own experience, I would switch Wifi OFF, and maybe bluetooth unless you need to connect an external wireless keyboard or mouse.
WIFI connection (My own experience) does not seem to work as perfect as wired links. And anyway, it’s always good to reduce the level of radio transmissions at home. Not talking about a potential impact to the audio quality…

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