Mastodon link on Audirvana web site?

Why no Mastodon link? For those of us who do not use social media that tracks our every move, or monetises us by selling our data?
Just a thought.

A social media platform In a music player?

Ah… now you changed the title I understand :wink:

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Sorry, no… I will edit.
It’s on the Audirvana site, updates/news etc.

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Hi @reddog1,

We do not have a Mastodon account for the moment, if it changes in the future, I will let you know.

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Who claimed anarchism has no organisation, you perhaps need to learn up on it.
Who said Mastodon was decentralised? What it is, is not controlled by one corporation, or one central organisation. It is a federation of autonomous networks, each with it’s own rules and moderators. It is ad free and there are no algorithms pushing content. Audirvana, with their resources and tech skills could easily set up their own instance should they choose. As could I.

I’m not…

I know this.

Like I said, I know that… I’m doing three things at once here, so I’m typing before Ive finished my thought process. Should have said who says its NOT, decentralised, followed by - whats moon cheese go to do with it?
anf typing lewft hand onky is awkward.

Boy, have you got it wrong… There is no monetary gain, and no marketing. it is not a ‘platform’ but as previously stated, a federated collection of instances, who link to other instances, if say, and instance is deemed ‘unsavoury’, for example it hosts mysogyny or white supremecy, or other such abhorrent ideologies, then they can/will be 'defederated by other instances, therefore unable to spread their shit beyond their own little world… which, experience tells us, will wither without the ogygen of publicity that say Facebook or Twitter would give them.
The platform is open source anyone can download, modify and install Mastodon on their own server — plus, the developers of the platform don’t own the copyright.
There is no centralised political agenda, such as Musk’s or that FB guy.

The look, depends upon which app you use to access mastodon, there are many.
the feel, is one of conversation, such as you’d have down the pub on any number of subjects of your choosing.
the content, is generated by users.
I have seen tron and Tron:legacy… legacy was a bit lame.
As for the rest, what need is there for the bogeymen(women) conspiritors behind the scenes? the enemies have broken cover, we happily share our innermost thoughts on social media, the fascists are on the streets in the guise of patriots, the Tories here ( GOP there) are tearing up our civil liberties right in front of us to appease them. A ‘cabal of developers’ are the least of our problems. You really should get back on the meds. Leave the Kool-aid alone.

You know this is the user voice section right? Way off topic to start all kinds of political and philosophical ramblings here. Just vote if you want the option or not.

Go to the lounge with a glass of cognac and a cigar. That’s the proper place to be :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: