Meaning of RG: -3.5dB when viewing a playing song

Apologize if this is obvious for some but it isn’t for me. In Audirvana remote when I view a playing song it tells me: Flac | RG: -3.5dB | 16/44.1 kHz Stereo. I’m good with everything on that line except for RG: -3.5dB. I know dB is going to be decibels, but I don’t know what this is referring to. Can anyone help?

RG stands for ReplayGain.
ReplayGain is a feature that analyses your music tracks to check their “loudness” in order to offer Audirvana the feature of sound level equalisation.
When you see -3.5Db, it means Audirvana lowers the sound level of that specific track by 3.5 Db.
Other tracks would lead to other levels of correction.
Please bear in mind that such correction is optional and can be configured in the settings.

Thanks a lot, Grwfsywash.
I understand.
But what is Audirvana equalizing the sound to?

it is not… it analyzed the songs in case you want to use replay gain in the preferences…
you can use it through an album or throughout your library.

A good example, it is when you play all your library tracks or a playlist in random…
and you want to have the sound of all tracks played at same level… without having to up and down the volume :slight_smile:

Thanks RunHomeSlow.

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