Message Logging Tidal

This message appears while logging Tidal:
‘error logging to HRA-streaming’
What does it means?

Hello @Bascho, have you tried to connect a HRA-streaming account in Audirvana?

I have been having a similar problem. I cannot login to Tidal from Audirvana on my Mac . I am on version 3.5.38, i have to stream Tidal to my system from my phone. No problems logging in on PC/phone or iMac, only directly from Tidal

I can still login to Qobuz for streaming through Audirvana.

Hello @Jim, When you click on the button “Connect” in Audirvana settings next to Tidal, do you have the login page opening in your browser?

Yes, I am directed to my browser.

Interestingly, I can login to Quobuz with no issue.

When you fill the login process in your browser, do you have Tidal appearing in Audirvana when you are at the end of the login process in your browser?

I cannot login to Tidal from the browser.

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Can you make some screenshot of it?