Metadata Menu Option Labeling

There is a minor enhancement to improve the usability of the application I would like to share.

Assuming that the Metadata information is currently hidden, if one were to click on MENU -> VIEW, there is an option labeled “Show Metadata”. If you select that, the metadata panel is then displayed.

If you then click MENU -> VIEW, you’ll still see an option labeled “Show Metadata”, which should really say “Hide Metadata” since the metadata panel is being displayed.

This is a minor UX enhancement that would better represent the current state of the application and what a users’ expectation would be when viewing this menu option. (reference:

Hello @slyraskal, the metadata panel is not displayed by default but if you click on the label icon you’ll see it. Until you don’t click again on the icon you will still view it. The suggestion you make is interesting since you want to move it in the settings of Audirvana but you just have to click on an icon to do the same of what you want.