Minor Functionality Issues/Requests

Firstly I would like to say this is a great upgrade to the functionality in Studio 1.x. I have had no issues with KEF LS50/60 streaming (either using the new chromecast functionality or UPnP) or playing through Chord DAC’s (Mojo 2, Hugo 2). I do have a few (minor) suggestions based on my testing to date.

  1. The default column view for tracks includes Composer and Source. I have amended the column to my preference and in most track views the changes made are saved (Album track view, full track list view, playlist views of tracks etc) However the play history track view column settings are not saved. Each time I view the play history the changes made are discarded and columns revert to defaults including source and composer columns. Could this be changed to save changes in play history? (This was the case also with Studio 1.x)

  2. It would be nice when creating a smart playlist to have the option (as in iTunes/apple music) to limit the displayed tracks to a set number. I like to create some “top most played” playlists for music genres showing the most played tracks, it would be great if I could limit the list to say 20, 50, 100 selected by a criteria (i.e most played) rather than showing all the tracks that meet the criteria.

Thanks again for a very promising upgrade to Studio 1.x, I look forward to the release of Studio 2.0!

Hi @Djm1960,

Do you still get the same behavior in the latest version of the beta?

Interesting idea, I will share it with the team.

Beta 18 resolved the issue with the column selection in the play history view. Many thanks.

The only issue I have come across that is still present in Beta 1.99.18 was the issue, previously reported of the scroll bar moving from the normal position on extreme right of the Audirvana window to slightly left of centre when changing from say album view to another view i.e playlist view or artists view etc. This was when running the beta on macOS Ventura Developer Beta 11.

For a beta, Studio 2.0 is extremely stable and reliable with my equipment (Chord DAC’s and KEF wireless speakers). Shaping up to be a really good upgrade to Studio 1.x. Many thanks.

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We also have this since we implemented the alphabetical selection in the app, it’s a MacOS bug and we are still working on it.

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Unfortunately I did not find a feature request category which is why I am writing here. I hope this is ok.

I would like to be able to delete tracks directly in Audirvana which will then also be deleted from the hard disk. So far I have to do this manually in Explorer.

You can remove the track in Audirvāna by right clicking on the track you want to delete.

There are only the following options for me:

  • Play next
  • Add to game queue
  • Add to playlist
  • Copy

Can you send a screenshot of the app while you have those results?