Missing .flac files in local album folders

Not sure if I’m missing some setting, but it seems in my setup AS is missing all .flac files when browsing large local folders from an external SSD drive.

Windows shows them all, but AS shows everything BUT the .flac extension files.

See screenshot:

Any thoughts?
Am I missing a setting?

Edit: In ‘FOLDER’ view when clicking the small folder icon next to ‘LOCAL’ it sees all files, it starts with everything it shows in album view (all non flac files) first, followed by all .flac files. In regular album view it doesn’t add these .flac files to the list of viewable items.

Hi @hlooman,

When you use the search of Audirvāna Studio with the title of those files, are you able to see in which album they are stored?

Hello @Antoine
When I search on any of these tracks they show in the results with ‘LOCAL’ and in ‘TRACKS’ but not in albums.

These tracks are all in a large folder that we use at audio shows instead of a playlist, because our previous player works better from folders.
To make new playlists of these, it would be very handy if Audirvana shows them as part of that folder in album view, because it shows all other files just fine in that view. It just skips any of the files with the .flac extension, which is the majority in that folder.

Thanks, Hans.

I see, I will need you to send me your Audirvāna database file. Can you please send a mail at support@audirvana.com so I can give you the procedure to send this file?

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