Missing music and Audirvana 3.5.25

I’ve tried to get Audirvana to read through my music files but it keeps missing particular albums. Reinstalled Audirvana removed all associated and log files but still no joy. Particular files are Apple Music but this doesn’t stop Audirvana reading some of the other Apple Music files.
iMac late 2017; 10.15.1 running Audirvana 3.5.25
Any suggestions?

welcome to the community !
I am using Audirvana since 2012, and I remember a difficult start as you are presenting here …
I was using many different files from different sources, in different formats, some with metadata others without …

I “rebuilt” the whole library slowly , sorting files in categories (folders), then adding these folders in the Audirvana’s folders to sync, one by one and checking the results …

For some files that could not be accessed within Audirvana, I converted them using a utility (my preferred one was :
https://switch-audio-file-converter.fr.uptodown.com/windows ) .
after all that work, I ended up with a stable and reliable library , easy to search, using smart playlists .
I now frequently purchase music on line and add them manually in the right folder (music category), they appear in Audirvana quickly with no more problems.
Good luck .


Many thanks for the suggestion.

Will give it a try and see what happens.

All best wishes,