Missing Tracks and Duplicate Albums

I have my audio files on a NAS. When doing a library scan Audirvana sometimes does not recognize all of the tracks on some albums and/or uses the wrong track title, i.e. it will assign the title for the second track to the first track and the title for the third track to the second track, etc.

It will also show multiple copies of the same album with the same track listing.

These issues occur when I have multiple copies of the same album although each copy resides in a different folder and has a different name. I’ve checked the tags and titles of the tracks using kid3 and they are fine.

I’ve manually cleaned up the library only to have a library scan “find” these albums again and screw up the track listing.

Has anyone else had this issue? If you have were you able to find a fix?

Hello, This is my first post and thanks for having me in the community. I’ll have almost the same issue as louis_prime (running Audirvana on a mac mini, with music on the NAS). The error affects almost every Album and for me the software is unusable like that. I have already followed the instructions to delete the library and all preference files, then rescanned but the result is still the same. Please advise!