Move playlists to a new external hard disk

Hello everybody, I need to move my entire music files to a new hard disk. I would like to keep my playlists (smart and manual playlists) and use them with the new hard disk. I tried to export them and then import, but it didn’t work. Could anybody help me with this issue please?

Hello @AVial, when you exported them, did you clicked on the box “use relative path”?

Hello @Antoine , I tried to do it in both ways unsuccesfully, clicking the box “use relative path” and not clicking it. I have been using Audirvana for years and now I need to move all my music files to a new hard disk, since I need more space. I have several playlists (smart playlists and manual playlists). It would be too much work doing it manually, so I would like to find a way to use all of them with the new hard disk. Could you please let me know where could I find the instructions, step by step, to accomplish this task. I have been looking for a user manual of Audirvana and I have not been able to find it. Thanks and regards

Hello, Could someone be so kind to help me with this issue? Thank you

I am very disappointed with the lack of support and a user manual. The least you can ask for is support for basic problems. Very difficult to be interested in moving to Audirvana Studio and signing a monthly payment if there is no support.

Hello @AVial,

We are sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately there is no option available to export all of your playlist in one click. We would like to see one of the exported playlist, can you send is to us at [email protected]?

Hello @Antoine.
Thanks, but I already solved the issue. Regards