Moving playlists to new Mac

I moved my music files to a new Mac and installed Audirvana Studio. How do I transfer playlists, favorites, etc. from the prior Mac?

If you have favorited albums and tracks from either Qobuz or Tidal they will automatically transfer over. Since they are not stored locally but Audirvana fetches them from Qobuz and Tidal themselves.

I only have a handful of playlists and favorited local tracks. Most favorites here are linked to Qobuz. So for the few I do have, I’ve recreated the playlists manually. Same for the local tracks.

However, you can export playlists from your old Mac’s Audirvana to your new one. Or playlists in general.

You can use the import and export playlist options from the menu bar when you are in the playlist editor and have selected a playlist.

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Just make sure the location of the music files are the same on the new computer. And playlists should transfer over without a problem.

Also as I observed radios and podcasts marked as favorites are stored online. And some visual preferences in the database sqlite file. I reinstalled Windows, backup only the sqlite and voila! I keep the database on a separate disk (usb). After I reinstall Windows 1.move .sqlite file to desktop 2.change db location (move) to d:\AS in settings 3.close as 4.move back (replace) the old db from desktop over the new empty 5.reopen as 6.everything is back, just few settings necesary for me (audio) - ~10 minutes.

Both suggestions were helpful. Thank you. The magic bullet was removing the new .sqlite file and then adding the prior file. Now it works and I have all my prior play data, playlists and favorites. I had been overwriting the new .sqlite with the prior file, which messed up playback. Such a small change and such excellent results.


Strange. In my case, wich is Windows, works with overwriting. Just to do this when AS is closed. Anyway, good to know this, others may find this useful too.

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