MQA Frequency and Resolution figures

I think this has been answered before but I cannot find the information. I believe the figures on the right of the image show the data which is being sent to the DAC. My DAC seems to agree with these. What do the figures on the left represent? Various MQA files show numbers varying from 16/44.1 up to 24/352.9. If the numbers in the image are to be believed the MQA file has an intrinsic resolution less than the first unfold???

From what I read you should have a non-MQA dac and the deployment of the file is done by running the Audirvana hardware making the file in high resolution.
It’s all normal

On the left you should be seeing the true resolution of the file. There is some discrepancy how this is presented on Mac and PC when MQA files are concerned. On the PC you’ll see the source resolution of the MQA file, on the Mac you’ll see the resolution of the file container.

On the right side you’ll see the max bit depth your DAC supports and the effective resolution of the file playing at the moment. There is again discrepancy between Mac and PC with MQA files. On the PC you’ll see the full “unfold” resolution if you have MQA capable DAC. On the Mac you’ll see the 1st unfold resolution if you have a MQA renderer DAC or Not MQA compatible DAC, or container resolution if you have a MQA decoder DAC.

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Thank you for these answers. I guess the file I am looking at has something strange about it as its source resolution shows as less than what is being sent to the DAC. I won’t worry about it since it sounds fine.

Thanks again.