MQA no longer detected after upgrade to Catalina

I am a fairly new user of Audirvana. I use a NAD 3045 USB based dac/amp/pre-amp, which supports MQA. It used to be able to detect that MQA was fully supported - and could provide details on both what quality the recording from TIDAL had, while also showing the output quality. The amp would also state it was MQA.

After I upgraded to Catalina, this stopped working. It can play MQA songs, but output is only 24/88.2 or a bit higher, but not at the quality of the songs. If I then force it to use the amp as a MQA decoder, if it cannot detect MQA, it does do the playback at 24/48 - where the song is actually 24/192 (e.g. Lorde, Heione album).

I recently tried updating to the latest version, but this did not change anything.

Output in the TIDAL app works like previously - but it doesn’t show the same level of details on song quality and output quality…

Just updated to the latest version - My NAD 3045 is still not detected as MQA device. This used to work prior to my upgrade to Catalina. Any tips on how to get this resolved?