MQA tracks with 3.5

Yes, I have this choice, but 192/24 FLAC plays 44.1/16 - as Andras_Dezso mentioned.

I have the same issue. When I use my licensed and fully paid software version 3.5 I get only the 44.1/16 stream WITH THE TIDAL HIFI option AND the MAX setting done in Audirvāna.

Do you plan to fix this again?
Or do I have to upgrade to studio in order to get HIFI quality again from TIDAL as before? Because it worked fine for many years…

Thx, Martin

It’s a broader problem. In studio it is also limited to hi-fi and 44.1. Will be on the Tidal API side.

Does the Audirvana team have a solution for TIDAL changes?
I use various types of streamers, e.g. Pioneer, and there I can still use/select tracks with any MQA formats, but in Audirvana it doesn’t work properly. The software only selects 44/16 formats instead of MQA tracks from the TIDAL server.

I have the same problem. It’s been up for a week with the title “Again no MQA”. No concrete answer so far. Everything works fine for me directly via the Tidal application, but Audirvana 3.5 can only play with 16/44.1 kHz.

Hi @Tomlis, welcome to the forum!

I think you should not post this in the ‘feature request’ section. This is for asking for new features where forum members can vote for them or not.

You are basically reporting an issue (‘critical’ error?). @Antoine, sorry to bother you, but may I request that you put this in the correct section of the forum?

This issue is already discussed elsewhere on this forum (see the link below):

Tidal MQA streaming with limited resolution only? - Audio Formats / MQA - Audirvana

Hi @Tomlis and @Ferenc_Krammer,

Tidal has made changes in their API (Application Programming Interface) because they are phasing out MQA. In the foreseeable future there will be likely (almost) no MQA in Tidal at all anymore. Tidal has anounced this a couple of months ago.
There are already other discussions in this forum about that.

MQA is almost completely dead. In a couple of months Tidal will have replaced (mostly) all their ‘hi res’ MQA files with hi-res FLAC files. It seems unlikely that any development team (be it Audirvana, Roon, JRiver etc.) will spend anymore time to implement changes for Tidal MQA files. They will probably wait until Tidal’s transition to FLAC is completely finished.

I don’t know if the original poster (Tomlis) is talking about Audirvana 3.5, but since you (Ferenc_Krammer) are:
You are aware that Audirvana 3.5 is a legacy version?

See also the (link to) the thread below:

Tidal MQA streaming with limited resolution only? - Audio Formats / MQA - Audirvana

In this link, you will also find Audirvana’s reaction. So there has been a ‘concrete’ answer sofar (if you are happy with it is a completely other matter of course :wink:).

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6 edits? Andy that’s impressive. Seems to me at the rate Tidal is purging MQA from their content catalogs soon this is going to be a non issue.
This is all on Tidal and the api will catch up soon enough. @Audi100 was having to scrape about to find any MQA the other day unless I misunderstood him.

One man’s critical problem is another’s :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


I always find typos and copy/paste errors. During that, when reading it again, I rewrite sentences because I think they are not clear enough. After that I discover typos in the new sentences and edit those again.
Believe me, 6 edits for me is nothing :joy:

In my opinion it is a non issue already, but on the Audio forums (Roon, Eversolo, JRiver etc.) people are still making a thing out of it. I must admit, I am biased. Allways stayed far away from MQA, because I never believed in the lossy origami system…

I don’t understand it either. They are still playable (be it in a lower bitrate) until they are gone completely (and replaced by hi res flac files) in a short while… No loss in my opinion. More important things to worry about.


Hi everyone,

The implementation of TIDAL in version 3.5 was done before TIDAL Max. Therefore, the HiFi Plus subscription tier is not recognized by Audirvāna version 3.5 and is limited to 16/44 CD quality.

The subscription status check wasn’t initially activated by TIDAL which gave access to Hi-Res files in version 3.5 for a short period, before the update of their API.

Thank you for your answer, but this does not solve the problem in any way.

  1. Prioneer streamer software (not only) recognizes MQA tracks without any updates in TIDAL client sowtware, just like before the changes regarding MAX. This clearly indicates improper iterpretation of the TIDAL’s API with requests from Audirvana software, which is due to the assumptions of the whole application itself.
  2. Many people do not technically understand what the MQA format is, there are many myths. Engineering knowledge of digital signal processing and DAC operation is required to understand the details.
  3. Please remember that MQA is also a form of contract between the Publisher and Tidal, intended to provide listeners with what the Artist/Creator wants, not what TIDAL wants or can share. Therefore, much depends on the Publisher’s individual arrangements with TIDAL, where he can do something automatically and where consent and materials provided by the Publisher/Artist will be required. This means that the decision to leave MQA paths will be made by Publishers/Producers, not TIDAL itself.

Hi @Tomlis,

Are you able to play Hires FLAC from Tidal on Pioneer app?

Yes, all formats and MQA too. I have to choose the right album from the list (as the same as in Audirvana UX). It means that TIDAL’s API is serving all formats and MQA too.

Interesting, can you share a screenshot of an artist page from their app?

Hi, Please see above.

That is absolutely false, many artists have indicated their record label did not consult them at all and just handed over their material for MQA encoding. That encoding was done by a batch encoder in the cloud, meaning it was done fast and cheap, with absolutely no regard for what the artist/creator wanted. You are parroting MQA’s marketing BS, not reality.


But what about all of those artists who are up in arms over the demise of MQA? You know like……uh……umm……no one.

Enough apparently people did and put them out of business, that’s a fact. Let’s see if Lenbrook will do anything meaningful with it. In the meantime see if FLAC can get you by with it’s low tech approach.


Any updates from staff?

The longer it takes the more people will discover that the native tidal app might be a real alternative…

I wrote about my problem to Tidal last week. I got this answer:

Samuel J. (TIDAL)

Nov 27, 2023, 8:18 AM EST


Thanks for getting in touch with TIDAL Support!

Select TIDAL partners will begin supporting TIDAL Connect later this year. For more information on if your specific device is supported, please reference
Unfortunately, Audirvana is not a supported device at the moment.
If you have any other questions, please let us know.
Thank you,
TIDAL Support”
How should I understand this?

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