Multiple links to same album?

It seems that I’m getting multiple albums for the same artist. For example, this Bjork is just one album but shows up multiple times. I’m sure it’s a simple fix but haven’t figured it out.

Correction. That’s artist list - it’s showing multiple artists when it’s just one artist.

If you look under the images you‘ll notice that this is how it appears in the artist field in the files metadata.

Both Roon and Foobar see it as one artist. What needs to change for Audirvana?

Every application works differently. It’s well known that Roon takes file metadata as hints and enriches it with info from other sources. If that’s what you want you will be well served by Roon.

Audirvana just cashes the file metadata in an internal database for search and Library organization purposes.

Ok, so since this doesn’t happen in Foobar, Room or Jriver, I should go use one of those? That’s it?

just select all the tracks from a single album… in tracks view maybe easier and change the artist to Bjork only, sort as Bjork only, there may be different name in composer since we can see them already in your picture

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Essentially yes. I actually like the way Audirvana works. Even if the database gets corrupted, you forget to move it to a new computer you can always regenerate it from the files.

Question is why this bothers you so much?

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

You sure you’re not just trolling? :smile:

:slight_smile: I swear I’m not. The point is enjoying the music, not having perfect metadata.

Who cares if Björk appears 6-7 times in artists because she had multiple collaborations on some tracks? I wouldn’t and I don’t.

I use both Roon and Audirvana and enjoy both, but it has never been about metadata management for me. It’s mostly convenience with Roon and sound quality with Audirvana.

No question Roon does a better job with metadata presentation and the wealth of additional information about artists it presents to you.

Hello. Set sorting to “Album Artist” that should be Björk in this case :slight_smile:


THAT WAS IT!! Thanks!

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: Have fun!